Applying CET to Your Centre

Customer Experience Tracking™ builds an ongoing picture of your centre’s performance in achieving your customer’s expectations.

It’s a powerful tool that can be used for:

  • Identifying a departments customer-service performance

The report will show in-depth analysis of each department, allowing you to identify the parts of your business performing well and those that may not be achieving your centre’s standards.

  • Time-based analysis

Every day is different. Indeed, every hour is different. The report breaks down research findings into specific days and, when possible, times of the day. This allows you to identify contributing time-based factors that have an impact on customer-service standards.

  • Employee training & development

Customer Experience Tracking™ hones in on the training needs of your employees and thereafter provides an “audit” of how the training has impacted on customer-service standards.

  • Performance-related incentives

Performance-related incentives for successful achievement of financial targets are commonplace, but Customer Experience Tracking™ allows you to extend this principle to service standards as well.

  • Timely handling of customer issues

Unhappy customers can often be ‘won over’ by a timely response to their grievances. Customer Experience Tracking™ provides real-time alerts to negative results, allowing the centre to address specific issues efficiently, quickly and appropriately.

  • Addressing operational issues

By cross-referencing the data analytics, Customer Experience Tracking™ can highlight non-employee operational issues that are negatively impacting on the customers experience at the centre.


CET Packages & Pricing

We’ve created three Customer Experience Tracking ™ packages to suit different club needs.