Track Your Customers Experiences on Every Visit

Customer Experience Tracking ™ provides a window into your members and guests experiences at the centre.

Unlike ad-hoc surveys you may undertake periodically, Customer Experience Tracking ™ researches your members and guests experience on every visit to the centre.

Then, using a quantitative methodology, it builds a statistical picture of how the centre performed – department-by-department, day-by-day and hour-by-hour.

It takes the conjecture and gut feeling out of the assessment of your centre’s customer-service performance.

How CET Works

Learn more about how Promote Leisure’s Customer Experience Tracking™ works in practice.

Applying CET to Your Centre

See how Customer Experience Tracking ™ from Promote Leisure can be put to practical use within your centre.

What Promote Leisure Provides

Promote Leisure provide Customer Experience Tracking ™ as an all-inclusive product – from printing to reporting.

CET Packages & Pricing

We’ve created three Customer Experience Tracking ™ packages to suit different centre’s needs.