2016 Sales & Retention Conventions

April 26th and November 15th 2016

In 2016 two highly successful conventions were held for Leisure Industry Professionals. This page has details on the content for the day, the presenters and what people thought of us!

The Morning Sessions – The Sales Process
• The Meet and Greet
• The Tour
• Needs Analysis
• Selling the Centre benefits
• Price Presentation
• Overcoming Objections
• Membership Referrals
• Lead Generation

The Afternoon Sessions – Retention
• Focus,
• Segment,
• Stick Around,
• Membership,
• How to build a (successful) retention strategy
• KPI identification

The November 2016 Sales and Retention had 3 Industry Expert presenters, giving all delegates more variety and more tips. Our speakers presented on the following subjects:
• Lead Generation: Digital vs Traditional
• Referrals: More referrals, higher quality referrals
• Retention Communications: Social Media vs Traditional Channels
• Member Surveys: Getting more valuable feedback
• Reviews: Managing your online presence & feedback to drive more sales

Feedback from 2016 Sales & Retention Conventions:

Check out the video to see what people thought about the 2016 conventions:

“Really good.. Extremely helpful ideas… we gained business growth….great retention content…Good interaction…Pieced sales and retention together…”

The Sales and Retention Convention from 2016


Format of the day

Sales and Retention Convention PresenterDave Reeves from Promote Leisure presented the best practices of the sales process. The sales methodology will be explained step by step, in a clear and concise manner. By the end of the day delegates gained knowledge on how to enhance their leisure business and had a clearer understanding of how to maximise the sales in your leisure business.


Sales and Retention Convention PresenterGuy Griffiths from GGFit spoke about breaking down the extensive subject of health club member retention into constituent parts. Once you know how to identify the critical segments for your club, we will focus on how to get results in each area.




Gym Retention

Wayne Elliott from Feefo spoke about Member Surveys and how to get the best information from them. Wayne discussed online gym reviews and how to maximize the potential from all of the review platforms that are available online.




Here are even more great testimonials about the 2016 Conventions

Andrew Rhys – Head of Business Development at Basingstoke Sports Trust

Very beneficial, some great ideas with good content that we will definitely use.

Emma Lovett – Membership Executive – Old Thorns Hotel

Fantastic content, really useful with a good base level and higher level of education of the Leisure Industry

Megan Welbourn – Fitness Manager at SLL

Really good overview of Sales and Retention in Leisure. Perfect for me to convey to my fitness team

Kerri McGuiness – Mapledurham Health Club – Front of House Manager

Good detail with great examples, it was easy to understand and the presenters had great interaction with the group. Clear and Simple Charts with good interaction